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Oct 30, 2018 · Bearded dragon food consists of fruits, veggies, and insects. The amount of each that you feed will vary depending on the age of your pet. Though beardies can eat a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and bugs, there are a few you should avoid. Avocados and lightening bugs, for instance, are toxic. DVD's and Media for Sale; Rock Dust - Azomite for Sale; Moringa Products for Sale; Moringa Trees For Sale; Life Algea Cultures Super Foods. Spirulina Live Culture for Sale; Commercial Dragon Fruit Nursery. Commercial Dragon Fruit Packages; Become a Dragon Fruit Farmer South Africa; How is Dragon Fruit Used; Dragon Fruit Planting Methods; Dragon ... A Cactus Tree with Delicious Tropical Fruit! Here's why you should make this the year of the Dragon Fruit : Exotic cactus tree with versatile, tropical appeal Gorgeous, flaming-pink colored fruit Large white flowers with a sweet fragrance Climbing vine grows well in dry areas Enter the Dragon Fruit Tree Bring beauty and intrigue to your garden or landscape with the Dragon Fruit tree. A member ...