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Example 1. Transposing a chord progression from the key of Gto the key of B. Take for example a chord progression in the key of Gthat have the chords G Major-C Majorand D Majorand you want to transpose to the key of B. Slide the new key Bunder the old key G. The new chords are B Major-E Majorand Gb Major. CHORDS CHART • 180 CHORDS = Bb, = Db, = Eb, = Gb and = Ab Ebm7 Ebmaj7 3/4 Ebm Ebaug Ebdim Eb7 Eb6 Ebadd9 Eaug Ebm6 Em6 Fm6 Ebm9 Edim Eb9 Ebsus2 Em7 Ebsus4 Eb7sus4 Em Emaj7 E7sus4 Fmaj7 Esus2 Fsus2 Eadd9 Fadd9 Em9 Faug Fdim Esus4 Fm 7 Fsus4 F7sus4 All chord diagrams are copyright protected and may not be reproduced in any way without permission.