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So, if I understand you correctly, the top photo (short hammer strut system) will fit my P226 (E2) that currently has the long hammer strut. In other words, it should be an easy swap out, right? If your pistol does not have the E2 grip, because the E2 grip requires the middle strut and seat. Sig Sauer P226/P226 X-Five A Spare Part Trigger Bar Spring, New Hammer. 71001304. 329.00. Välj. ... Sig Sauer P210 Spare Part Hammer Strut Black. 71003527. 179.00 ... Mar 10, 2016 · The SIG P226 is a double-action first shot semi automatic pistol. As such, the finger comes down in an arc off the frame to press the trigger to the rear. After the first shot, the recoiling slide cocks the hammer for subsequent single-action fire with a short single-action press of the trigger.