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Saturn SL2 Trouble Code P0410 Secondary Air Pump. My 99 Saturn SL2 is throwing a P0410 trouble code. I know it refers to a problem with the secondary air pump or air injection system. The AIR pump & check valve work. Air blows out of tube going into exhaust manifold. I cleaned the air injection tube and passages in exhaust manifold. A fuel injector is a fuel metering device that sprays atomized droplets of fuel in a specific pattern into the engine’s intake manifold or directly into the combustion chamber. The injector has a solenoid and valve within and the operation, or pulsing, of the solenoid is controlled by the powertrain control module (PCM). 1998 Saturn SL fuel system problems with 6 complaints from SL owners. The worst complaints are fuel system, gasoline, fuel system, gasoline:delivery:fuel pump, and fuel system, gasoline:delivery ... I have a Saturn sl2 and have had problems when it rains. The car will buck and seem to want to stall out. When i shift into gear the rpms will still jump and until i get up to about 30 mph. It only happens when it rains and one time it got so bad that the car wouldn't start. The check engine light comes on too sometimes when this happens.