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Joystick Controller - Panel Layout. Site that gives information on arcade parts and home joystick controllers. Saved by Jacob Kingston. 287. if you don’t have buttons, just hold down any button to skip it. When you get to OK press the button you have configured as “A”. Transfering the ROMs. Right after the controllers setup phase you have to get and install the ROMs into your Raspberry Pi, otherwise your emulators wouldn’t be able to run anything: more specifically, EmulationStation – the emulator Front-End software ... Paintable to order.ItaHandmade mini hitbox. Wooden.Compatibility: From the menu, choose the various options.Aluminum bottom.Weight 920g - about 13oz.12 microswitchati Japanese style buttons, quality. Components Bao Lian. They are tested and our customers are thrilled. They define our wonderful and