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Several "non-Euclidean" geometrics, by N. I. Lobachevskii, Wolfgang Bolyai, and G. F. B. Riemann, omit Euclid's famous sixth postulate concerning parallel lines, always somewhat suspect, to create equally logical geometries of even wider generality. The favored status of Euclidean geometry has evaporated. Given two lines in the two-dimensional plane, the lines are equal, they are parallel but not equal, or they intersect in a single point. In three dimensions, a fourth case is possible. If two lines in space are not parallel, but do not intersect, then the lines are said to be skew lines (Figure \(\PageIndex{5}\)). Parallel lines never meet; Intersecting lines make v's; Perpendicular lines meet at 90 degrees; Put your hands in the air with me!! They are lines in different planes and will never intersect. Difference between parallel lines and skew lines. Parallel lines are two coplanar lines that never...