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(RESOLVED - Click To View) Hi I have 2003 Mazda MPV. I'm having a hard time passing the smog test because the catalyst monitor is not ready. Is there any service assistance that can help me make it ready for the smog check. I already went to the mechanic shop. They fixed the gas tank which needed repairs and they reset the computer. Now it's ready for the smog test but the monitor is not ... with this option by default mpv creates a single socket, which is for the last mpv instance opened. to get multiple sockets per PID, use the mpvSockets plugin - Wis Apr 5 '19 at 13:10 Wish I had come across that plugin sooner o_o.Feb 16, 2018 · Baka-MPlayer, a mpv based open source, cross platform music and media player supports almost any media format. It's built with Qt5 toolkit and features a simple dark colored UI. Some useful features - Mouse/Touchpad gesture support, increase or decrease volume with touchpad.