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Here's how you can insert and type the degree symbol in Word documents on Windows 10/8/7 using Kayboard Shortcut, Character Map, etc. Now look up for the degree symbol from the whole character map and click on Select. It will add the symbol in the text field on the bottom part of the...Mar 11, 2013 · To access the Equation Editor in PowerPoint 2007 and earlier, choose Insert, Object. In the Insert Object dialog box, scroll down and select Microsoft Equation 3.0. You’ll see a window that looks like this. In PowerPoint 2010 and later, click the Insert tab, then choose Equation in the Symbols group. You’ll see 2 new ribbon tabs. If you need to insert a symbol in apps like MS Word or Pages, you have to go through a list of them and find the right one. Google Docs offers a better and rather intelligent solution to inserting symbols. It lets you draw the symbol and narrows down the list based on your drawing. Here's how it works.