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Hydromotive Intimidator . Hydromotive Intimidator P-5 Boat Propeller Set Hc-cl30 | 15 12 X 30p Used. $1,700.00 Case 1835C Skid Loader With 5 Dirt Bucket. 09:56. How to make your own quick coupler for your skidsteer. Case 1835b uni loader breaks down (tandem pump). 05:40. Case skid steer leak repair.The last pic is the new loader pump that I went with. I needed a new equipment pump as the one for the 1835c was worn and on its way out. The replacement was outrageous and I did not like the coupling used. And it has a smaller shaft. I did a little research and see the 1845C has the same loader control valve as this 1835C.